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    I was curious if anyone could help with the free board on the 21 vs. the 24 bay? From the pictures they appear to be close on the height of the sides but I can't find any specs? I love both boats but if they are in fact similar, it might sway my decision. Any data or opinions would be appreciated.

    What I'm really wondering is what type of sea these boats can handle and if there is much more seaworthiness of the 24. Thanks!

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    Pretty sure it is exactly the same. I was going to buy a 21, but went with the 24. Wylie said the are the same just 2 feet shorter, drafts 2" less water and is not a stand up console.

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    Thanks BL. Are you happy with your decision? My cross would be "glitter boat" 70% of the time and Striper fishing the Bay or Jersey shore the other 30%. Two completely different situations and I'm worried the 24 is just too big for large mouth fishing on the upper Potomac river. If not, it might be perfect as the 21 may be a little small for coastal stripers.

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    MD, I run a YF 21, hull #4. I also ran Skeeter bass boats for 10+yrs before making the jump to salt. I mainly fish 2 to 3 on my boat and it is perfect for what I do - mainly inland TX and LA on large bays ~80%; brackish marsh ponds ~10%; and some near offshore ~10%.
    A few thoughts: The 21 drives more like a bass boat with the sit down 2 man console, though can easily be run standing with the tilt wheel. It really gets rolling on the pad. No bad manners, as in ZERO, chine walking, skipping or sliding in hard turns. We have tried to make it 'misbehave' - a very well mannered running surface. Giant front deck (same dance floor as the 24) fishes 2+ up there easily.
    When it gets rough, the 21 has a mean 'V' that when trimmed flat will leave your bass boat buddies in your wake. Get the Mitigator seating option from Kevin - it is incredible and nearly eiiminates the Gforce impacts if you like to run hard.
    On the coastal striper trips - you pick your days, right? The 21 will do fine. I have run my 21 in some big water in the Gulf of Mexico without any issues, but the length of the 24 will make those trips more comfortable as 3 feet is a big deal IMO - going from 21 to 24.
    I can see either boat doing well with the bass fishing you do unless you are typically in tight flooded forests and navigating on TM through the trees found in some of the big reservoir lakes...then an edge to the 21.
    BUT, for rod storage on either the 24 or the 21 you might want to get Kevin to add some center hatch rod storage similar to that shown here (see pics on post #3
    Lastly, the 21 is bigger in person than the pics suggest - everyone that has seen one in person says that.
    Good Luck.
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    Thanks, Skeeter. Thats exactly the info I was looking for. Sounds like either would do the trick and I agree about the extra length making a big difference. We almost always fish larger open water (although often shallow) rather than tight wooded areas. I have an aluminum boat for the upper river and hunting and I could always use that if I need something smaller.

    I'm leaning toward the 24 right now but am waiting to talk to Kevin about it. I am worried both the 21 and 24 are bigger in person and I don't want to overdue it...but on a snotty day I might eat those words! Although a longer boat will make a choppy day more comfortable, it also makes trailering it around a more urban area more difficult, not to mention stuffing it in a garage. Speaking of, do you how long the 21 is from tip to tail on the trailer? Anyone know the same for the 24? I'm thinking around 27' for the 21 and 30 for the I close?

    I know there are a few 24's within an hour or two so I hope to see one in person soon. Thanks for the info!

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    I also run the 21 and have had my boat for nearly a year and a half, i have had it in every type of seas there are and not been disappointed yet. We frequently run past 24' boats of other makes in snotty conditions. These two boats Ii would have to say are the best riding rough water boats out there. Ii do alot of tournament fishing and for that love my 21 and have not had a regret yet.

    good luck you will love either boat you choose.

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    21 I have had the longest of our three YF's. So versatile, going on our 4th year with it. The bay, ocean, lakes, all have seen the hull. If we move away from the 21 Hybrid, we will probably move even smaller to the 17. Been moving to more back country, and the 21 is a lot bigger and heavier than one thinks. Maybe the better half will let me have them both...

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    Sarasotabay, can you tell me your honest draft on her? Also, what are you running for power? 20" or 25" shaft? Thanks! Getting real close to pulling the trigger on their 21 Bay.

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