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Thread: Fuel burn #/performance?

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    Default Fuel burn #/performance?

    Wondering if anyone has best cruise/top end speed/fuel burn numbers yet with 250/300/350 Verados? Also if this new 29' has any significant difference in ride characteristic than the old 31'? Old 31' used to cruise around 40 mph burning around 20 gph and top out around low to mid 50's with 225's 4 strokes if my memory serves correct. Be interesting to see how the Verados do on this.

    Also curious about why on this model the rub rail/sheerline seems to fall off sooner as it approaches the transom than the old 31' and rest of the Yellowfin line?

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    i think that the difference in the drop off has to do with the 31 was originally a conch 27....i think, then wylie modify the design with the 36, then 34, 32 and 42, and 29....wylie you building alot of boats these days, I remember the original building.

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    Default Re: Fuel burn #/performance?

    Have any of the new 29's been riggged with Yamaha F250s ? I'd be interested in the perforamcne numbers with this setup.

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    Default Re: Fuel burn #/performance?

    Me too. Anybody have performance numbers?

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    Quote Originally Posted by perry-dise
    Me too. Anybody have performance numbers?
    Same here!!! - Proud Sponsor of the Yellowfin Owners Weekend 2009, 2010, 2011 & 2012

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    We have had our 29 since June and have put some time on the water in it. About 300 hrs. already. We have the Gen I 275 Verados. The boat handles great and will haul ace. 64.8 MPH on the GPS is the fastest we have seen. This was full of gear, fish, 3 men and 150 gallons of fuel. I would say an average on the fuel is around 1.5. You can get better depending on the conditions and of course worse.

    The boat runs flat and is dryer than most out there. The livewell can hold 60 hardtails. Maybe more but we always stop at or around 60.

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    Was that 1.5 mpg stat at a 35mph cruise? How much fuel capacity total?

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    Sorry for taking so long. Been out of town. Around 37-38 we can get 1.9 depending on conditions. The 1.5 that I was refering to is about whqat you can expect for a round trip average.

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    Picked up the new 29yf with 300verados today. I was amazed at how bad ass this boat is. I will try and post better performance numbers, I was so happy I wasnt really looking at the fuel economy but with 200gal., 3 200lb men the boat ran 66.6mph, the boat is still being broken in. Offshore it handeled great and was very fast in the 3' sea. I know running around in the river we saw 2mpg moving along pretty fast. Ill try and post more accurate numbers this week.

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    Default Re: Fuel burn #/performance?

    Congrats... post some pics!!

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