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Thread: Fuel tank filling problems 2003

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    I have a 2003 31. I bought it from a friend of mine and I love the boat but there were a few quirks Im still trying to iron out. Perhaps the most pressing is filling it up. I have all kinds of problems with fueling:
    Getting gas in it (it backlashes out of the fill real bad, even at half speed) Once the fountain of gas starts it keeps coming for a few seconds even after I kill the pump. I have learned to fill it up but it takes a half an hour.
    When its in the water I cant get get them all the way full. I ran out side all the way out of gas one day and could not squeeze more than 80 gallons into the tank. On the trailer I can get more into it by jacking the trailer tongue (and my truck) up as high as possible. This seems to get the tank vent outlet free enough to let more gas in. I have been able to add 20 more gallons simply by jacking it up. All of this is somewhat of a PITA.
    I have checked the vents and they seem OK.
    I examined the fuel senders-both OK. (floats were breaking down a little bit)
    Im installing new hose between in fuel full and the tank (found a hole in one caused by a zip-tie)
    Do others have similar problems or is it just me? IF so have you found solutions?
    What is the capacity of the tanks? I heard 100 gal then I heard 115 (which ive never seen)

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    On one of my previous 31s, I had a similar fuel fill problem. The cause was a kinked hose coming down from the fill; it had just been installed with too much length. I cut it down to size and no more backflow problem.

    112 gallons was the most usable I could pump into each tank. There was a difference between filling on the street and filling in the water because of the attitude of the boat. It seemed to take a few gallons less in the water.

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    Thanks Joe. I changed one of those fill hoses today and other than the hole it was fine. My gut feeling is that the backflowing problem is more related to air.ait pressure getting into the tank while filling or perhpas even the design of the tank itself. I disassembled and cleaned the entire portside vent today while I had it all opened up and it too was fine with 3 or the 4 vent holes open and one blocked off. There are double loops in the vent line which I assume helps keep any water out of the tank. I blew thru it and it was clear.
    I dont know, Im starting to think this is just the way its going to be but Id sure welcome any advice from folks that my have had similar issues.
    For some reason I have never been able to get 100 gallons of gas in either side in any position, even after running it all the way out of gas on one time.

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    I have a 31' 2002 with the same problem. I have yet to find a solution, however thought I would at least chime in letting you know it is not just your boat. I was told by Wylie my saddle tanks hold 120 gallons each after giving him the hull # and my auxillary tank holds 60, but I do realize the tank size varies slightly with each boat since they are custom. Not much help but I feel your pain brother.


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    Thanks! Glad to hear its not just me. Its not THAT big a deal once I got used to just filling it slow but I dont let anyone else (dockhands ect) fill it. Just wondered if anyone had figured out a way around it.

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    We had a 2002 31. same problem. the only thing that seemed to make it better was when the tanks were half empty or less. we gave up on just topping off after a short trip. we would jack the trailer up also but I don't know if that did much.

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    I have an 02 31, same problem. For some reason the vent lines which are looped fill with gas when running. When it comes time to put gas in, the tank will not vent and then the tank pressurizes and blows back. The solution that I have found is to wrap a cloth around the gas nozzle to seal the inlet and force gas in until it blows the vent out. When this happens you will see gas come out the vent on the side of the hull and then the boat will accept gas as fast as you want to pump it. Works every time. I have had problems getting the tanks filled equally and then have to use tabs to level the boat, very aggravating. Otherwise it has been a great boat, recently repowered with 275 V's.

    Hope this info helps!

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