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Thread: Centered steering?

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    Default Centered steering?

    Is it possible to have the steering wheel centered on the console of a 29?
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    sorry I am late to the game here, RP, but I chose to do center steering on my 32 thinking 2 can sit behind me while I drive on my rig.... Answer was NO. Should have put to port or starboard.... That would leave room for driver and co-pilot comfortably. I hear it is doable on 36, but in retrospect, I would have put it on the leeward side of the boat for the prevailing ride home wind and waves in your neck of woods. My crew will appreciate this.

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    I had centered steering on my other brand 23T and it worked fine. There was room for a crew member to stand on each side and hold onto the T-top. Thanks for the reply and feedback.

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