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Thread: Factory Visit 7/20

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    Default Factory Visit 7/20

    Hey all, I stopped by the factory today and snapped some pics while I was there. I did get a few pictures of the fabled 39'. Wylie's only request was that the pictures stay only on YellowfinOnly and don't get spread around to other forums, non-YF owners, competitors, etc. So out of respect to Wylie and I feel free to drool over the pics of the bare hull but just avoid spreading them around until Yellowfin is ready for an official announcement.

    I also got all the specs on the boat and it sounds like it'll truly be an awesome machine. I don't want to release those specs either until they're finalized and Yellowfin gives the go ahead but I can tell you that those of you who want to see the finished product won't have to wait until the Miami Boat Show as previously suggested because Wylie is hoping to have the boat done in time for the Ft. Lauderdale Boat Show in October.

    Beyond the 39' there were plenty of other boats to drool over down at rigging so I'll include those.
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    Thanks for all the pics. The 39 is gonna be awsome


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    Sweet pics.That 39 is going to be a beast!

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