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    Question Hull Bottom Colored

    Placed a order for 29 in March should be in mold soon. Can't decide on getting bottom colored. I only leave in water a couple of times a year. Just wonder how well it will hold up loading on and off trailer. How hard is it to repair a scratch?

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    With a dark bottom you are going to see some scratches, especially when you wax it. That is the down side to the dark bottom. The up side is that if you have dark water or tannic water where you keep the boat, the dark bottom will not stain as fast as a white bottom will.

    We personally keep our boats on a fresh water spillway that has hard dark water and would stain the bottoms of our white bottom boats. Even though we keep the boat on a lift and it is thoroughly washed every time it is used, it would still show some staining ane would have to be waxed to remove. That is why we ordered our new boat with a cobalt blue bottom. Everything is a trade off. It just comes down to what you want.

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    Thanks, That is what I needed I going to stick to white gel coat.

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