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Thread: The Reel Emergency

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    Cool The Reel Emergency

    Still awaiting twin yam 350's for my 34, shouldn't be too long...the weather sure is getting awfully nice here in the panhandle...
    If anyone manages to steal a few pics I would be forever indebted..

    Ice blue 34 with coffin box, key west console, and open array raymarine, 2 E120 wides

    I will post pics once I take delivery

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    if you want some pics just let me know, i do not mind. i am usually there a few times a office is only five minutes from them. it is definitely mid day therapy.
    just let me know what part of construction you are in.


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    thanks 21
    unfortunately, I'm about 10 hours away, and I need some therapy as well..
    my sled should be in the final stages of rigging, awaiting power

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    i have to go by on monday, i will take some pics and post for you.

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    thanks 21
    i'm looking forward to it

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    sorry it took so long, i have been busy, these are over a week old.

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    So the new motors are being delivered??

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    his motors were there last week, the rigger told me they were just delivered that day.

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    Thanks 21,
    I met up with Wylie Saturday, took delivery, and towed her back to Gulf Breeze.
    What a sled, this thing is awesome. Going to splash her tomorrow and maybe look for some cobes...
    Will post some picks in the 34 section once I get her on the lift.
    Glad to be in the club...................

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