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Thread: My 29

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    Default My 29

    First try at posting pictures
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    Looks great...Please post some more! I like the name too. How deep and long are your side in-deck boxes, are they forward or aft of the step in the hull? Thanks again.

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    Sweet. Congratulations!

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    are you happy with the yamaha 250's. Not sure if I want to go with them or the 275 Verados. How is your fuel burn and speed?

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    Yes ,very happy,130 gals and two of us, WOT 58mph 1.3 mpg, 50 mph 1.8mpg 40mph 2.3-2.4 mpg..

    Ken T

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    What is the height, from the cockpit floor, to the top of the gunnels? In some of the pictures I see it looks to be kinda short. Me and my son are both over six foot and long legged, would we feel like were going to tip over fishing out of a 29

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    I am 6' 2" and there are no issues with feeling like you are going to trip over. Some other boats make me feel that way.

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    The first pcture is my YF measured between the rear cleat and rod holder, the second is a 31 Cape Horn. I had one guy on the Hull Truth say that the gunnals were too low on the 29 YF so he chose a 31 CH
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    Thanks a lot guys,,,

    Ken T , good looking ride you got.

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    Ken T, I feel bad for your friend who went with the cape horn over the yf. That will cost him!!! Nice boat, I just sold the one you rode before ordering yours

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