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Thread: New 2015 39 Build

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    Default New 2015 39 Build

    Just posting some pics of our new 39
    getting close
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    congratulations,boat looks 39 is waiting to go into assembly, about to go crazy.
    good luck

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    Glad to see the sea chest - please post how it works after delivery. Is that another well in the floor? I'd like to see YF wells pressurize better so bait doesn't slosh - I hope to hear the sea chest fixes that. Boat looks awesome.

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    Thanks, just waiting on some electronics now, Will do on the sea chest performance.

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    i've got a question - are you doing poly / ez2cy around the helm or a windshield? I'm curious if you do the enclosure how you access the head with the door that rises up from the top of the console?

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    Wow she's stunning, hope to build something very similar to yours. Just sold my 36 last week
    '15 36

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    Boat looks Awesome!!
    Happy Fishing!

    Brian Allen

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    Touche, Picking up tomorrow so I will let you know/post pics of the setup when I get back
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    Congrats on the sale Jupiter, Sold my 2014 36' in December and it has been killing me waiting on this one to get finished. Finally there

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    anxious to hear how it is and if you had a 36' how you the like the 39' in comparison. I'm torn between doing another 36' vs a 39'....don't trailer much but just don't know if I can give up the option! But at the same time I want more room, storage, dive door and a floor well.....

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