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    We're new to this forum having just decided to purchase a YF 32. My husband is in charge of the mechanics, etc. and I am in charge of cosmetics (surprise). I have found it difficult to research color options and wonder how others have done it in the past. Also, if anyone has a photo of their boat that shows accurate color, I would love to see it. We have narrowed down our choice to a shade of lighter blue than flag (on our current boat) but dark enough to not be mistaken for white, maybe with a tiny bit of green in it. Thanks in advance for the assistance.

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    Welcome to the YF family! Your gonna love it. Look through the different sizes on the boat forums and also sales sites like boattrader.com. This will give you a start. I was at the factory @ 3 weeks ago and will see if I have any pics of blue boats.

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    Here's a few pic's of some blue yf's.
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    Viper blue might be a little darker then you want but it is the best looking blue by far I think. In the sun is when it looks the best. On of the yf factory guys had one this color and it sold me on viper blue when I order my next boat. When I was in the south of France and Croatia there was quite a few mega yachts painted this color and I'm sure before long it will catch on here to kinda like the grey has.

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    Here is a 21 in Viper
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    Thanks for the photos. Beautiful boats. My thinking about not going with the darker blue is that my husband has obsessed about the "chalkiness" of our boat as it has aged over the last 10 years. I would like to pick a color that is more easily maintained, especially since we are on a mooring.

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    Maybe AquaMist or Ice blue then. This is AquaMist.
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    You can check out my 2013 32 (which is all white with blue under the T-top) at http://www.tortteaser.com/TheBoat.html. It also happens to be for sale
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    How do you like the Simrad?

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    Cobalt Blue

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