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Thread: Tongue weight for loaded 29

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    Default Tongue weight for loaded 29

    Would anyone know the tongue weight for a loaded 29?

    I'm wondering if my Denali 1500 would be able to pull it, but thinking it will not.

    ***Anyone with 300's like to chime in and tell me how you like the boat?

    Thanks ahead of time.


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    A half ton truck isn't nearly enough to handle a 29. Braking will be an issue, as will handling. I have a 29 and pull it with my F-250, and although it is adequate, I wish i had a 1 ton. Not sure the tongue weight. I love my boat, and am currently re-powering with yami 300's. let me know if u have any questions.

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    we have F250 and don't have any problems pulling ours. Pull the boat 5 miles to boat ramp. Last fall pulled from sourtheastern NC to Biloxi, MS no problems at all. I think we figured on 8500-9000 lbs full of gas, gear, and ice since its 7400 dry with Yamaha 250's

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