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    Anyone know the 2007 31' listed on Yachtworld? I think it is in Virginia Beach. I have been looking for a used 32', but prices are still pretty high, even on the 2008's I've found. If anyone is familiar with this specific boat, let me know.

    Also, what is the performance on the 31' with F250's? Anybody running this setup?

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    I fish on one that my friend bought this year. It is a 2005 with twin F250 Yamaha's and it is a great boat. Tops out right at 60mph and at a 40-42mph cruise we are seeing 1.8-1.9 with a full fishing load. They are very nice boats that run fast and are very dry. I use to own a 31 contender, which is longer then the old 31 Yellowfin, but give the Yellowfin the one up on the ride. They are great boats.

    I just looked at Yacht worlds website and that removable tower is a little goofy.

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