View Full Version : Prop Recommendation for 32 YF w/twin 350 HP Yams

05-25-2011, 07:01 AM
I'm running an '09 32 and I'm thinking about trying the new SDS props from Yamaha. Anyone have any experience with them? I'm looking for info on their sound dampening qualities, performance and reliability with the new hub. I would also appreciate other recommendations for props made by other manufacturers. Current Yamaha Saltwater Series XL props (23 x 15.25) perform well, but they are a little slow to plane, in my opinion. Top speed with a medium load (3 200 lb fishermen, 225 gals fuel, 150 lb ice & lots of gear) is 65 on GPS at 5900 rpms. Thanks for your input.

05-27-2011, 07:52 AM
Just got a 32 with f350s and am still shaking it down. I have worked with Ken at Propgods in the past and he is recommending Rev 4 21s for optimal cruise. He is great to work with. There is a post on there somewhere with a 32 f350 that had improved numbers with Powertech 21s.

Will post when I end up re-propping.

05-31-2011, 09:05 PM
gecko: Thanks - looking forward to hearing your performance numbers.

Whiskey Bent
06-01-2011, 11:12 AM
Anything that can help my fuel efficency is also great... Right now I would give up a few mph to save more fuel.

06-01-2011, 12:21 PM
I think the fuel economy is already good with the 350's, but I'm with you on giving up top end for better efficiency.