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Thread: Battery Switch VSR questions

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    Default Battery Switch VSR questions

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    Just trying to understand the battery panel on my new 36 (see pic)

    to make sure I understand how it works, is this correct? The four batteries are independently wired. One to each engine and one to the house (electronics, pumps, lights etc..). There are three VSR, one for each charging device (engine) that allows each engine to charge it's own cranking battery till its voltage reaches 13.7v then it opens that circuit to include the house battery and sends the charging capability to the house battery. If the voltage of the battery connected to the VSR drops to 12.8v if closes the circuit to prevent the battery from being drained by the house battery demand? Is this correct? Is each VSR only connected to its cranking battery then the house battery, i.e. all three engines are "connected" to the house via the VSR but not to each other?

    Emergency parallel? I assume this connects the "batteries" in parallel in the event that the cranking battery is too weak to to crank it's engine? does it connect all three, the one adjacent, all four? I notice each cranking battery has it's own "emergency parallel" switch?

    can anyone set me straight and educate me on this wonderful piece of equipment?

    I appreciate the knowledge base on this forum!
    MSyellowfin (the state)

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    I am new here and have the exact same question as above. I donít see any replies. Can anyone shed any light on this. My port and house batteries will not charge when engines are running, even when paralleled. Any help would be appreciated!!

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