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    • Cabela's Waterfowl Classic
    Is the 23 still being made. Can someone post some pics other than what's on the YF website...What other brand can compare to this hull in ride quality. Thanks Jeff

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    Anyone got some pics?

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    Guys..anything on the it still being made..any changes like the larger models..or not much of a demand..Thanks Jeff

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    I guess this is the bastard child of the fleet. I can't believe there is no first hand info out there on how this boat runs. What are the numbers with 175/200 Verdao 4 cyl. or 200 Opti's/HPDI's. How does it ride compared to the 23T Contender, Regulator, Bluewater, Competition? Someone has to know. Hell the 17 has more info posted on here than the 23. Don't take this the wrong way because this is a really nice boat that I'm looking at buying.

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