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Thread: Motors Weight?

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    Is anyone running a 115 Opti on the skiff? It says 115 max hp, mercury has a new 125 that weights the same as the 115 would this be a option 375lbs on both! I know these are custom boats so how about a 135 opti only 56lbs more and only 32lbs more than the EFI! Just looking for opinions and speed!

    135hp - 431lb
    115-125hp -375lb

    FS EFI
    115hp - 399lb

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    Hi I have the 115 4 stroke on my skiff it jumps out of the hole and gets on plane fast runs close to 50 in perfect water with the plate up to 3.5-4 inches I have the Bobs Machine Shop hydro foil on it and that makes for a lot less trim adjustment also runs better with the live well full

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