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Thread: Mortz Panel Again

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    Trying to figure out if my panel is the issue, been putting off removing it. 90% of the time I have to use override switches. When I turn on something the light flashes and it does not work. Have put new batteries in and battery switches, I have not replaced the VSR (??) thing. 2009 24 Bay with 300v. Is this a sign of time to move to switches.

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    Mine usually lost it's mind when the battery got too low, but you've already tried that. I just took my Moritz out and replace it with Bocatech switches from International Marine. I have the parts from my Mortiz listed in the Yellowfin Owners Group Facebook page for sale, but the plastic housing cracked bad during the removal process by the installer. If you have a case for yours, perhaps the inners would be of value to you.

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