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Thread: Best speed Prop for 21 Hybrid

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    Best prop
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    if you have a 250 SHO the Bravo I FS 24 pitch will air it out the best. Also no a guy running the same on his with a 350 verado and looks it.

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    I know this is an old thread but for posterities sake. I'm running a Mercury Promax 24" as my speed prop with the SHO and love it. 72mph at 6000rpm without much playing loaded for fishing with a TM and a 9" GPS on a foot tall extension on the bow. Could get significantly more with a 25 or 26" and not running the GPS. This prop does not like more than a couple of guys in the boat however. It slips bad getting on plane with a ton of weight in the stern of the boat. However, the economy while cruising more than makes up for it. Also, the Promax is significantly tougher than the fragile Bravos.

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