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Thread: 36 vs 34

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    So....not to beat a dead horse with the obvious answer's, 36 rides better, handles bigger waves better, two more fish boxes in the stern, bigger live well and live well lid, more deck room, more fuel......
    Those are the obvious answers and yet everyone ante's up to fork out $40,000 for this and two more feet. The two foot difference from the 32 to 34, seems to be more significant, with the addition of a third outboard and those benefits, and yet that is only a $20,000 increase for two feet of hull (plus you are going to have to pay for the third engine if you are indeed wanting that).

    I'm guessing the 36 vs 34 sales are greater than 10 to 1....

    I had ordered a 32, then changed my mind and up sold myself to the 34 with trip 300 Yam's, convince me why I should move to the 36, it's my first Yellowfin...

    I live in Sarasota, regularly fish 100 miles off, also the Keys, Bahamas and even a trip or two out of Venice, Louisiana. Blackfin T, Yellowfin T, Wahoo, Bills, Dolphin, some bottom fishing.

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    We were in the exact same line of reasoning. We went for the smoother ride of the 34 over the 32. The 32 will fit inside the 34 and performance isn't far off. We wanted a 36 but it's still a bit out of reach considering the additional 40k and 3rd engine and insurance on a trip powered boat to deal with.

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