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    Please comment on experience with the newer style transom livewell design on the 36. Is this a pressurized system with a good seal? Does the extra drain in the overflow area work? Does it leak?

    We are building a 34 which has a smaller lid and no drain channel and wondering if its worth it to consider upgrading it to the syle on the 36 with drain and larger rectangular lid.



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    Seem to work great on the couple ive been on!

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    I like the live wells in the 36's. I like the bigger lid on the 36's compared to the smaller lids on the 34's, it helps getting baits outs plus easier when dumping baits from cast nets in it and I have never had a problem with mine. As far as pressurising them not really but if you run then drains rights it will not slosh a round.

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    Thanks guys, leaning toward the upgrade. Pricey, but it will update the boat quite a bit IMO.

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    the transom well on the 36' does not pressurize and sloshes quite a bit when under way. The boat needs a seachest and the drains in the channels that go back into the live well need to be sealed or made to drain overboard - otherwise since they're outside the seal of the well, it cannot pressurize at all.

    I'm not sure if a factory seachest is an option yet. I'd like to look into installing one on my 36'

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    they now offer the optional sea chest. Kind of wish there was an option for a forward live well like invincible offers.

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