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Thread: Dive door thoughts?

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    Default Dive door thoughts?

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    What are your thoughts on the dive door? Would you build one with or without a dive door?
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    I like it. Great for getting off and on the boat at the islands with kids.
    Happy Fishing!

    Brian Allen

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    is there any boarding ladder option that's a part of the dive door ? like others do with the ladder under a hatch in the floor. and is it wide enough to get in with tanks? i've always thought i'd rather not have my transom door and have a side door instead but i've never actually used one.

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    Always wanted a side door and went in knowing it was one of out top options. We ended up changing at the last minute and deleting it in favor of an alum swim platform and 18" slide out ladder. It was just too hard to consider the cost .....with all our other options it ended up putting the boat in the price range of a less modded out 36. 2) it's great but you now have to use up the bulk of your storage space to store the fixed ladder. Would have been MUCH more likely to keep it if it had a nice fold down or fold out self contained ladder.

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