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    So I'm batting a 0 on responses to any of my past Yellowfin requests but here goes anyway.

    We're building a new 34 with hardtop, forward seating, but no coffin box. I've always been able to keep the storage nabbing, bulky life jackets tucked away nicely in ventilated under ttop storage. These things mildew and get nasty quickly when tucked in any type of enclosed storage area such as forward seating compartments, console, or under deck compartments.

    On the 34, I am loosing the 2 rear boxes and the rowan boxes so I dont wish to give up much space. What type of jackets do you like and where/how do you store them? I'm somewhat considering inflate style to save bulk but I'm unsure if I would want to trust them offshore. I've always had the cheapie orange ones and I know they aren't much better but the true type 1 jackets are extremely bulky.

    I realize there will be no magical solution and I'm 90% certain they will end up in the forward seating compartments but figured I see what others are doing to keep them from mildewing. We will also have a head and full finished console and wish to keep the console uncluttered.

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    1st, I have a Bay Boat: I put my life vests in a clear plastic storage bin far forward under the bow. Air them out a few times a year, but they don't mold and mildew in the plastic storage bin; my boat is outside on a lift without a cover over the bow. I am not an expert, but sounds like maybe you never had any inflatables. I have one that is currently not in working order and not on my boat. Regarding "Inflatables" you have to be careful of which ones you get. If you get the kind that inflates when they get wet, they will inflate from the humidity in the bins or storage. The more expensive inflatables ( i don't have any) I believe inflate due to water pressure and should be fine.

    Thought I would post since you got 0 past responses, and maybe someone else with more expertise will chime in...

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    On your 34, store your life jackets under the front shelf covers. The front shelf covers are made of breathable material that will help prevent mold. You can store the old school orange vests or the newer inflatables with ease. Inside the forward seating is a second option, but you will need to ventilate that area to prevent mold. Hope this helps.......
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    Thanks for the replies. I wasn't aware the the orange jackets would fit on the shelves, but then again we don't have the boat yet to try. Our prior boats were always stored in an enclosed high and dry and this will be our 1st lift kept boat, hence the increased concern with mildew.

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    Default Life Jackets

    I have done quite a bit of study / research on life preservers. I purchased 6 different ones, including type I, III and inflatable. The best quality by far are the ones from Mustang Survival. However, I really wanted type I. Mustang's type I are extremely uncomfortable. Of the 6 I purchased, 3 of them were type I, two were Type III and one was the MIT Inflatable from Mustang. I tried each of them in the ocean; even the auto-inflatables. I wore the for 15 min each on two different occasions in different conditions. (all relatively calm but some chop). By far, the Type I were the best and easily the one you want if you have to use them.

    To make a long story short, the best ones are the Stearns Merchant Mate II type I. They are not as high quality as the Mustang Type I or Type III but are very comfortable and hold your head in a relaxed position without you having to paddle, etc. They also turned me right side up if I pretended to be unconscious. This was NOT true of the type III. With the type III you needed to paddle with your hands to keep your head from leaning back in the water.

    So, I purchased 6 of the Stearns Merchant Mate II for my boat. I also have two MIT Mustang inflatables that I wear if I get into rough seas, go far offshore or have to work around on the boat much, etc. Finally, I have a Viking 4 man auto-inflate life raft that I wouldn't hesitate to get into if it came to it. For less than $2k plus an EPIRB, I am sure it will be money well spent if I ever needed them.

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    forward seating. I have 4 adult type I, 2 kid type I and 4 type 3 in the forward seating on the port side on a 36'. The other side of the forward seating holds an anchor ball, 300' of extra rode and 2 bumpers. There is room to spare. I have a step down head with a storage compartment in the steps in which I have 4 more adult type II. YF should make the center portion of the forward seating a drink/bait box and insulate it (like the box in front of the standard console). I do not like the PFDs on the forward shelf under the mesh covers. I don't like how they covers look and the shelves get used quite a bit for shoes and other miscellaneous gear. The shelf is also where I keep my throwable PFD. I have the rowan boxes too and the rear fish boxes - I only use one of the rear fish boxes regularly. I don't see why they can't add the boxes to the 34'. Good luck

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    I have a 34 and cut the anchor locker tabs to widen the opening to a big oval. Also glassed the bulkhead inside to close the gaps where rode used to always get stuck. I keep 15 PFDs in there now and yes they do get a bit mildewy but only to a point. I use a plow anchor that doesn't fit in the anchor locker and keep it in a PVC bin in the forward floor hatch, along with chain, rode and ball. Works for me.

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    Thanks for all the replies, the Mustang Type I are the ones I was looking at but I will definitely now take a closer look at the Stearns. We only have option for finished console without step down on 34 and no chance for rear fish boxes on the 34 unless the boat were to go through a major redesign.
    I will definately be discussing the forward seating cooler in the center, if not also fully finishing and insulating all forward seating compartments. Were also doing dalphin's rear facing seat livewell/cooler mod since we loose to forward console cooler with font entry console.
    I'd be interested to see pics of your anchor locker mod hooligan.
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