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Thread: Storage compared to new 32

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    Default Storage compared to new 32

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    The 32 has rear fishboxes and the 34 does not. For those who know both, which boat has more storage overall, the 34 or the 32? I really like storage, and if the 32 had more overall, I would consider pulling the trigger on one of those instead.

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    I sure would also like some input on this. Also have small kids that fish with me. Is it worth the gas shocks on the boxes or do the new hinges keep them from slamming down.

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    Replying to an old post since a lot of ppl visit the site with scarce number of replies. We just went through this and even though you give up 2 small rear boxes and 2 Rowan style boxes, the 34 still offers a huge amount of storage space, especially with a coffin box, forward seating, or both. The 34 is huge compared to the 32 and will offer a substantially better ride when the seas pick up. We opted for a much much better ride over a couple small storage boxes.

    32 is a great boat and will be a bit faster but a smooth ride is much more important to us on the gulf coast over 3-5 mph gain on top end.



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