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Thread: 23 yellowfin Owners comments?

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    Default 23 yellowfin Owners comments?

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    Hi all,
    Sure do hope you can help. I have been looking at many boats, and though I really like the 29, and could do one, I have set my sights on the 23. I fish mostly by myself or with the wife, and we want to trailer to both coasts of Fla, etc. I feel I would be overwhelmed with any boat bigger by myself. That being said, can anyone give me their experiences with the 23, pros and cons. I have already contacted Yellowfin about one with a second station, and twins. This would be my first big cc. One reason for Yellowfin, is because of much research, etc, I feel comfortable with this company behind this boat and me.
    How does this boat handle 2-3s, atlantic, and gulf? How is the economy? Ok, that should do it. I really appreciate any advice and comments. Thanks, Fred

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    Update. Forget any comments, etc, we have decided to go with 29, and are in the discussion mode with Wylie. Thanks...Fred

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